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Central Lake Station Self Storage is the most convenient storage in Lake Station, Indiana.  We are conveniently off of routes 65 and 80/94 expressway.  Our prices beat our competitor's. 

We have a state-of-the-art facility with the best customer service in Lake Station, Portage, Hobart, Lake County and surrounding communities! When you rent from us, you'll have 8am to 6:45pm access to your belongings. 

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Central Lake Station Self Storage - Marquette

1013 Marquette Rd
Lake Station, IN 46405

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Central Lake Station Storage - 2200 Central Ave

2200 Central Ave
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8:00am to 6:45pm Gate Access
Great Customer Service
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Quality Customer Conveniences

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Central Lake Station Self Storage in Lake Station, IN offers friendly, cost effective storage spaces. We are dedicated to quality customer service and committed to offering you exceptional value for your hard earned money.

Central Lake Station Self Storage provides services to the surrounding Portage, Lake and Porter County Communities. We are conveniently located to serve the needs of  Lake Station, Hobart, Portage, South Haven , Merrillville and Gary.

Our Storage facility is is conveniently located in Lake Station, Indiana on Central Ave, conveniently just off of Routes 65 and the 80/94 expressway.

Quality Customer Conveniences

Central Lake Station Self Storage offers a wide selection of unit sizes.

Under new management, Central Lake Station Self Storage is adding additional customer conveniences such as updated software giving customers the ability to check their storage accounts, make payments, reservations and other account management features at their convenience. Our online software is easy to use and has all the features for a rich interactive experience.

We offer security systems, secure gate, drive up access, and ease of use. Additional space is available for the storage of cars, RV's, watercraft and trailers

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Central Lake Station Self Storage - What to Look For

Central Lake Station Self Storage - What to Look For

Utilizing a self-storage facility can be advantageous for various reasons. It offers additional space for items that may not fit comfortably in your home or office, aiding in decluttering and organization. During moves or relocations, self-storage provides a temporary solution, bridging the gap between leaving one location and settling into another. The security measures in most facilities, such as surveillance and gated access, ensure the safety of stored belongings. Flexibility in rental agreements allows for short-term or long-term use, with the ability to adjust the unit size as needed. This option is particularly useful for businesses looking to store excess inventory or equipment. Additionally, self-storage provides accessibility, allowing you to retrieve or add items at your convenience. Before choosing a facility, factors like cost, location, and security features should be carefully considered.

What To Look for In a Quality Self Storage Facility

Do You Need Self Storage?

If you're in need of a self-storage facility, look for one that prioritizes security, cleanliness, climate control, accessibility, pricing, flexibility, and excellent customer service. These features ensure that your items are stored safely, securely, and conveniently. Don't settle for less than the best when it comes to storing your belongings. Research and compare facilities in your area to find the right one that meets your needs. Take the first step towards securing your belongings and finding the right self-storage facility today!

Self-Storage Customers Generally Look For

Self-storage customers generally look for the following in a good self-storage facility:

1.     Security: Customers want a self-storage facility that provides a secure environment to store their belongings. This includes features such as security cameras, gated access, individual unit alarms, and on-site personnel.

 2.     Cleanliness: Customers expect a clean and well-maintained facility. A good self-storage facility will have regular cleaning and maintenance schedules to keep the facility in top condition.

 3.     Climate Control: Many customers prefer climate-controlled storage units to protect their belongings from extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity.

 4.     Accessibility: Customers want a self-storage facility that is easily accessible, with convenient hours of operation and ample parking.

 5.     Price: Customers are always looking for good value for their money. A good self-storage facility will offer competitive pricing and special discounts to attract and retain customers.

 6.     Flexibility: Customers appreciate a self-storage facility that offers flexible leasing options, such as month-to-month rentals, to accommodate their changing storage needs.

 7.     Customer service: A good self-storage facility will have knowledgeable and friendly staff who can assist customers with their storage needs and provide excellent customer service.


Self Storage for Your Treasured Items

Getting the Most Out of Self Storage

People sometimes have plenty of stuff crammed in their homes, garages and places of work or business. These can clutter the premises, making it look untidy and definitely are not conducive for family life, entertainment or work. 

If there is no space to store some of these useful personal items, goods, kitchen appliances, business equipment and so on, then it may be time to consider self-storage as an alternative. Self storage facilities provide individuals and organizations facilities to store personal and business effects they may not be using for a while. These are kept safe for a period of time at a fee. Here is a look at how to get the most out of your self storage.

Find a suitable storage facility that provides quality at affordable rates
You may need to search for a suitable storage facility where you can securely store your products at the best rates. Central Lake Station Self Storage offers a variety of self storage sizes, with many conveniences at an affordable price. 

Insure valuable items just in case
If you will be storing valuable possession such as computers, household items, and/or office equipment , it is important  to be insured properly against all sorts of disasters. Should anything happen, you will not lose your valuable investment, so consider insuring important  items.

Arrange your items well and label them
When it comes to storage, you need to take your time to do it well. For instance, packaged items need to be labeled so you are able to find them when the time comes. You also need to know how to arrange items so that delicate items are separated from strong and durable ones. Learn how to stack items, and find out which ones cannot be stacked together. These are important details when it comes to self storage, especially if you have a variety of items. 

Store your items effectively
It is advisable to store things in an orderly manner. For instance, any items you may need to use or use frequently should be stored closer to the front.  Another important point is to store smaller items in boxes so as to save space. Use containers that you have at home; only when you have exhausted these should you consider buying new ones.

Tips on Storing Furniture in Self Storage Units

A self storage unit provides you with the space that you need for storing your favorite treasured household items safely, and at the same time, removes clutter from your house. Proper preparation and packing are essential to ensuring that your furniture maintains its quality until you need to have it in your home. Here are five tips on storing your furniture in self-storage units:

1.      Choose a Facility with Good Security

The first step is carefully choosing the self storage facility. Make sure you visit the facility in person to certify that it has wide doors, secure walls between lockers, good lighting, and other safety features. Choose climate controlled storage units, since they are important when storing items that are sensitive to different levels of humidity. The unit should maintain suitable humidity levels to prevent rot, damage, and mildew. Temperature changes can cause wood to expand and contract.

2.      Clean and Prepare

Before storing your furniture, ensure that you perform a thorough cleaning to each item. Make use of the recommended cleaner for the different types of material while you are cleaning. As a final cleaning step, place the item outside to dry completely.  This will guarantee no spots of trapped moisture on your item when you cover and package the furniture for storage.

3.      Disassemble Large Furniture

To help you make the most of the storage space and to protect your furniture, disassemble the furniture as much as possible before storing it in self storage units. Take off legs from tables and sofas;  remove cushions from couches, and drawers from dressers. Arrange and wrap these parts together to remain organized.

4.      Cover and Protect

Once you have prepped your furniture, protect it using the appropriate materials. Bubble wrap is a good choice when wrapping fragile items such as framed pictures, mirrors, lamps, or blunt parts like chairs and table legs. Avoid the use of plastic materials when covering wooden furniture, as they can trap humid air and can cause mildew. As an alternative, use drop cloths or covers, blankets or, sheets, to provide a layer of protection, to eliminate dust, and allow proper air circulation. Mark an "X" from corner to corner on glass tabletops and mirrors using masking tape to prevent breakage.

5.      Strategically Store

To maximize your unit's space, leave space between items. Allows air to flow properly between the furniture, which will not only protect your items from damage; but will also reduce the risk of accidental  damage when you  remove them from your storage unit. Make sure you use sturdy storage boxes and put the heavy boxes on the bottom when stacking.

Today, with the added benefit of climate control, self storage units assist in maintaining your furniture's condition over time. You do not have to dispose of your favorite furniture for lack of room since you can now actually consider storage of larger items.  By properly prepping your furniture for long-term storage, they will be in good condition when you need them.